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The Best Water Fountain for Cats

Contrary to popular belief, cats do drink water. However, they are very fussy about the water they drink and prefer running water to water in a bowl. This is because water in a bowl very quickly becomes stale – just like a glass of water that has been sitting for several hours. This the reason cats like to drink from a running tap or a water feature – I have a small one on my desk which my cats like to drink from. The problem is it’s a very small water feature and not designed for the use of four cats, so it very quickly runs dry! Not good for the little pump in the water feature, which could burn out, and not good for the cats because there’s no more water, and certainly not good for me because I have keep refilling it – sometimes three or four times a day.

So what’s the solution? I suppose I could leave a tap running for them, but that’s not very practical, so I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and started to investigate, looking for simple, practical and affordable solutions to the problem.

To my surprise, there is a solution to the problem which ticks all the boxes, and is readily available … in fact there are loads of them … water fountains specifically design for cats! Who knew!

Then of course, the question was, which is the best water fountain for cats?

It’s a water fountain, so by definition it needs a power supply, which means it needs to be compact so it will fit in a smallish space near a plug. But, what happens if the power goes off? So it needs to also have a battery back-up so that if the power goes off when I’m not at home, my cats won’t be without water. At the same time, as we all know, electricity and water don’t mix well, so I wanted to know that the water fountain I got would be 100% safe, so I wanted one with no wires or anything else that would be a risk for my furry family.

The cost of running the water fountain for my cats was also a consideration – with the cost of electricity today, I needed one that wouldn’t break bank to keep it running 24/7!

As I said earlier, I have four cats, so the water fountain I get for my cats must have a reserve of enough water for all of them, for at least one to two days. That way, if I’m away overnight, I know my cats will have a continuous supply of fresh water all the time.

Next on the list was keeping the water fountain clean. My desktop water feature is a nightmare to clean – another reason to stop my moggies using it - so the water fountain I got for my cats had to be designed to be quick and easy to clean. I wanted something I could easily detach from the power supply, give it a quick rinse in the sink, refill and back in use in a matter of minutes.

Another big consideration was the noise of the pump. As any cat owner will tell you, cats do not like noise, so it was essential that the water fountain I got for my cats is super-quiet, otherwise there’s a good chance they wouldn’t use it. The only sound I wanted from the water fountain for my cats was the sound of trickling water, which would encourage them to use it.

And then, last but not least, this water fountain needed to have an efficient filtration system. This really was an essential feature because the whole point of having a water fountain was to ensure that my cats would have a constant flow of fresh, clean water. Simply having a tank of water circulating through the system wouldn’t work – I wanted a water fountain that would constantly filter and clean the water so that there was no dust or other debris in the water because as I said at the beginning, cats like fresh water, hence the reason for the water fountain.

So, having made my list of features for the water fountain I was going to get for my cats, I now started to examine the many options available online, to find the best water fountain for cats, and after many hours of research, I found the one I was looking for - the Homerunpet Cat Water Fountain.

This brilliant device literally does tick all the boxes on my shopping list and ensures that my cats have a constant supply of fresh, filtered, running water day and night, with a back-up battery supply power in case of power cuts, as well as being easy to clean and extremely quiet. It’s even ergonomically designed on a slight angle so that my cats can drink comfortably without getting their whiskers wet!

These are the specs for the Homerunpet Cat Water Fountain, which in my opinion is the best water fountain for cats, providing everything necessary to ensure my cats get all the fresh water they need all day, every day (and night), and all this without costing a fortune :

  • SAFER WITH WORLD'S FIRST PATENTED WIRELESS PUMP: Say goodbye to all the redundant and exposed wires that every conventional pet fountain will have. This patented wireless pump has dispensed with the electrical wires immersed in water to make pet drinking safer than ever.

  • ULTRA QUIET & FRESH: To reduce the noise generated by the water flow, 20 water paths are designed to minimise the noise down to 20dB. And this pet fountain simulates the flow of natural streams, awakening your cat's love for the water. The coconut-activated carbon filter with a triple cleaning system removes dirt, hair and dust from the water and ensures that your furry friends always have oxygen-rich water with a good taste.

  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING: The wireless pump with a detachable inner tank has redefined and simplified the cleaning process for you. No more dragging the wires out or brushing the tight corners and hard-to-reach crevices. It's simple to detach the water tank, making it so much easier to clean and refill.

  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Features dual working modes - Normal mode & Intermittent mode, making it flexible and energy-saving. Ergonomic tilt angle (4.18°) and comfortable height provide comfort for your pet while drinking, perfectly avoiding wetting your fur baby's whiskers!

This water fountain is the perfect solution for both cats and small dogs, ensuring they get a constant supply of fresh drinking water all through the day and night.

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