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Tracking App Instructions


Delivery Tracking

In this instruction, whenever we refer to the company, we mean the business that you are carrying out distribution for. You’ll have your own contact in that company, so always go back to them with queries, not to Round Control.

Downloading the app to your phone

The app is available on the Apple App store or on the Google Play store.  Search for Round Control (two separate words) and click install. 

If you have used Round Control before, you may still have an old version on your phone. If your screens look different to the images on these pages, uninstall the app, and then reinstall afresh. 


This step can be ignored if you are using an Apple phone. 

After installing, it’s advisable to change a small setting on the phone to ensure that the app doesn’t go into standby while you are using it. 

Firstly, avoid using your phone with the battery saver option switched on. Secondly, look for Battery Optimisation in your phone’s settings and ensure that Round Control is set as ‘Not Allowed’. You may be warned that this will drain your battery, but it won’t make a great deal of difference and will help to get good results from your tracking.

If you notice when you are tracking that the time on screen is less than your actual time – for example, if you’ve been walking for an hour and the clock only shows 16 minutes – this is a sign that this setting needs to be changed.

Logging in 

Start the app, and you’ll be prompted to enter a username and password.  These have been provided to you by the company. If they’ve provided a paper or emailed map of the route, this information will be on page 2, under the map picture. 

Note that if more than one person is doing the delivery, they should also use the tracking app. However, they’ll need their own username and password, so please request this detail from the company. 

Allow Location Services 

If you are prompted to allow location services, you must accept this.

The route list 

After you’ve logged in, you’ll see the name of the route(s) allocated to you. When you  are ready to start distributing (outside the  first house you are delivering to) click on  

the route, and you’ll see a Start button. 

If you can’t see any routes listed when you are ready to start, contact the company. When they have confirmed that the allocation is fixed, drag it down on the screen to refresh the list.

Completed Routes 

On the routes list, there’s an option to view the Completed deliveries. If you click on any of the completed routes,  you’ll see the date you submitted the finished report, and the total amount of tracking time submitted.

Route tracking 

Start, Pause and Resume 

Now you are ready to start, press the Start button, and you’ll see a timer on the screen.  You can press Pause at any time – for a few minutes or even a few days – and the app will just be on standby. It won’t use any power or data in this state. However, please don’t log out or uninstall the app while on pause, or you may lose your history. 

Sync button 

If you don’t have a WiFi signal, you will see a  button on the tracking screen labelled Sync  Tracking Data. If you press this, any tracking stored on your phone will be sent in to the  

servers. However, you will need to have a 4g  data signal on your phone to do this, and this will use a very small amount of your data plan. When you are on WiFi, the button won’t show as the tracking is sent automatically. 


If you have more than one route, you can pause any of your routes and click the backlink to go over to another route. When you do this, you’ll see the route has a ‘pause’ symbol next to it. 


When you have finished your route completely, press the Finish button.

OPTIONAL – Mobile Data 

There’s a slider on the screen to enable you to do live tracking of your distribution. When this is enabled,  your tracking data is submitted as you do the delivery rather than being held on your phone.  However, this does use your data allowance, albeit a  very small amount (6Mb per hour of tracking). You can usually leave the slider off unless the company you are delivering for has requested live tracking.

Post Delivery Report 

You will then see a form where you can give feedback on whether you had a  shortage of magazines or leaflets, or had too many. You will also be asked to confirm your availability for the next delivery.

Complete Route 

The final button - COMPLETE ROUTE -  sends everything into the servers and enables the distribution manager to see your tracking and your report.

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