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All rates quoted are per month. Please ask about our discount for payment in full on 6 or 12 month orders.

Terms & Conditions


The deadline for all publications is 8th of the month preceding publication. All artwork or changes to advertisements must be received by that date. Any artwork or changes to advertisements received after the copy date will not be accepted for the relevant publication and will only be implemented in the following issue.


Advertising space must be cancelled by the first of the month preceding publication. If more than one issue is booked but cancelled before the end of the agreed advertising period, then Grapevine Publications (Worcestershire) Limited retains the right to invoice the advertiser for the amount of discount given on the condition that the advertisement would run for the specified period.

Advert Design & Copyright

There is a nominal charge of £20 for advert design.

Copyright of new designs will remain the property of Grapevine Publications. Should you wish to reproduce the advertisement in any other publication, permission and a release fee will be required. Grapevine Publications reserves the right to charge a fee of not less than £100 where permission is not obtained.

Artwork is accepted on the understanding that there are no copyright restrictions.

Grapevine Publications accepts no responsibility for artwork submitted with copyright restrictions.

Advert Sizes

Size Height Width
Eighth page 45mm 62mm
Quarter page portrait 94mm 62mm
Quarter page landscape 45mm 128mm
Half page landscape 94mm 128mm
Half page portrait 190mm 62mm
Full page 190mm 128mm
Premium pages inside front cover
inside back cover
pages 3 & 5

Terms & Conditions

Payment for advertising in less than 3 issues is due in full when you place your order.

For bookings of 6 months or longer we will accept monthly Direct Debit payments.

Advertising is charged monthly to accommodate Direct Debit payments.


Business editorials are charged at the standard one-month full page rate.

All advertisements (quarter page or larger) booked for 6 months or more, qualify for a free business editorial.


All paid advertising is subject to VAT.

Payment Options

Cheque, BACS, Direct Debit, Debit & Credit Cards